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*Best Friends*

Wednesday, November 05, 2003
fuNny nD gOod daY! lOl!

today wuz a good nd funny day! lolz!! it wuz a half day so that wuz good!! iite well first we had science.. we corrected tha work we did yesterday nd our homework nd then we corrected the tests we took last week.. i got a 95 i think.. lol.. but n e way then we went to math.. we did decimal equations.. that wuz rly rly easy.. i got that in a snap.. lol... yea then something wuz going around about somebody.. lol.. hmm ima not sayin n e thing.. lol.. but n e way then we went bak to homeroom nd got our art stuff nd went downstairs to tha cafeteria cuz we had to do placemats 4 thanksgiving.. we were makin them for tha nursing home..  me nd cyndi worked on one together.. it came out niice.. only she took sooooo long to finish coloring!! i didnt get my dounut!! haha!! but oo well.. haha.. then after we were done doin our mats we had hot chocolate nd donuts nd candy.. yummy.. lol.. yupp.. nd then 8-B had library so we had to go upstairs.. nd we talked bout crap bout libraries how funn.. lol... haha me nd cyndi were soo hyper!! lol.. soo much funn!! haha kiki choke!! diee!! fun funn!! lol.. yupp nd then we went bak in2 mrs. green's classroom to take our religion test.. that wuz ok.. i dun think i did to well on the 2nd part.. lol.. but oo well.. lol.. nd yupp.. then cyndi told me that someone got mad at her cuz i wuz going to her house tomorrow (not stating names) lolz.. but w.e i dun give a crap!! cyndi is my #1 bff nd im her #1 bff!! so if u dun like it 2 god dang bad!! haha!! lol!! but n e way then i got on tha bus nd all tha parents of tha kids that were on my bus 4got it wuz a half day.. lol.. so we ended up going bak to tha skool 2 drop her off.. but yea it wuz me, kiki, bobby, nd theresa on tha bus 2day.. we had a lot of funn.. haha wut we were talkin bout!! lol we r all soo meann!! NOT!! haha.. lol.. <3 yazz bff.. yupp.. it wuz a good day.. im rly hungry so im gonna go find some food! lol.. nd oo yea i love him again.. lol.. haha kiki i forgot to tell you!! lolz.. bff.. well till next time..


Posted at 02:33 pm by dAncErm789
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Tuesday, November 04, 2003
aHhH oMg!! gReaT fRiGgiN dAy!!

heyy!! omg i think today was like the bestest day!! haha.. iite well first we had science!! well thatz wuznt fun lol.. we did the chapter review.. woohoo lol.. yea everyone got their seats changed cept my table!! haha we r soooooo special!! lolz!! but n e way then we had two periods of language!! woohoo!! all we really did was read the giver.. nd mrs. nelson went over the worksheet we hafta do 2niite.. nd yea then we had math.. we went over decimal expressions.. omg its sooooo easy!! lol nd we left 15 minutes early from class nd went down to lunch cuz they had 2 make sure we werent changin our seats.. turns out i was in the wrong seat all along!! haha.. yea i got my lunch seat changed.. i dun rly care though my table is soo much fun!! lol ha!! itz me, moe, shell, andy, tina, nd kristen.. n e way we were all rly rly rly hyper!! it wuz gr8!! haha me rappin that thing on the poster! omg lol! my tribal dance! haha i had everyone laughin hysterically! i wanna live in africa to get diseases!! omg lol!! sooo much fun grlz!! ilu grlz!! bff!! whoo but n e way lol.. then we went bak upstairs nd got redii for our afternoon classes! first we had music.. omg that wuz a lot of fun!! me nd cyndi changed our seats! now we sit wit kara nd brenden!! woohoo!! lol.. we have soo much funn!! haha wut were we talkin bout?? lolz.. brenden is property of me!! haha.. gr8 gr8 times.. haha.. then were supposed to have religion nd social studies but we took up those 2 class periods to do our projects! woohoo!! i worked wit cyndi.. i think we got an A lol.. we did a good job.. everyone did rly good actually lol.. then after everyone was done.. we pigged out on food! lol.. haha.. that was a lot of fun.. it was me, cyndi, alex, moe, andy, nd tina at a table!! a lot fun!! lolz.. <3 yaz bff!! nd yea then we went bak in tha class room nd we had a chalk fight!! haha.. soo much funn.. me nd andy were rly hyper! lol.. bff andy! .. nd yupp then we were waitin 4 our bus nd me nd kiki were talkin to brenden.. we r soo cool right? haha lol.. nd then our bus came! omg i think that was the best bus ride ever! lolz.. haha gettin tha whole bus to sing!! seein ashley!! wut u did kiki!! haha that was soo funny!! lol.. i <3 all you guys!! bffl!! nd yea that wuz my day.. idk if im stillin missin him.. lol.. but yea.. till next time..


Posted at 05:05 pm by dAncErm789
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Monday, November 03, 2003
i MisS yOu sO mUch <3

heyy.. today wuz a good day! haha.. letz see first we had gym.. we played this football game thing.. yea rly boring lol.. nd we watched sum of a funeral.. yea pretty sad actually.. nd then we went inside nd we went to math.. we got our seats changed AGAIN.. lol.. well this time im next to chris m... nd tom nd kara are in bak of me.. so i guess itz not that bad.. we rly didnt do n e thing interesting in math.. we did estimation.. wow.. lol.. she gave homework though.. urghh lol.. but n e way then we went to language.. we worked on stuff for the giver.. me, cyndi, nd tina, worked 2gether.. we did ok we finished almost everything.. nd then we went to religion.. we read things from the bible.. for like eva lol.. nd then we wrote in our religion notebook bout wut we learned from it.. wow.. lol.. nd then we went to lunch.. that wuz ok.. lol.. idk it seems though like i dont have as much as fun as i used 2.. idk i jus want my table bak.. thatz all.. but n e way.. lunch is still fun.. haha wut were we fightin bout grls?? ha lol.. funny stuff.. nd then we went outside for a long long time.. lol.. it seemed that way 2 me.. we missed science.. thatz a good thing lol.. then we went inside nd got packed up 4 tha rest of the afternoon classess.. first we had language.. all we did wuz finish all of our homework that we hadda do 4 tha giver.. nd then we went 2 social studies.. ahHh.. i went to tha nurse cuz i rly rly rly didnt feel well.. idk wut has been wrong w. me.. lol.. but n e way i came bak for like 5 more minutes of tha period.. they were watchin a video.. urghh we hafta write a poem bout angel island.. not that im bad at writin poems.. lol.. i jus dun feel like doin it.. lol.. but yea.. then i talked to steph stazko cuz i wuz waitin 4 my bus.. shes soo niice nd very talkative lol.. but then my bus came.. nd we had fun.. all u ppl who were there u kno wut i mean.. haha!.. i love you guys! bff!.. that wuz insane.. lol.. nd that wuz my day pretty much.. oo yea nd im rly rly rly rly rly rly rly missin him.. <33 .. till next time..



Posted at 04:44 pm by dAncErm789
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Sunday, November 02, 2003
bOring dAyy

heyy today wuz such a boring day.. i woke up, took a shower, had breakfast, nd sat around the house doin nuthin.. i went online, talked on the fone, nd i jus finished havin dinner.. italian.. yummy.. nd i rly dont feel like writin n e more.. so that wuz my day! lol.. oo so exciting.. haha.. nd yea im missin him but ill get over it.. lol.. till next time..


Posted at 04:31 pm by dAncErm789
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Saturday, November 01, 2003
rLy sCary dAy fOr mE

ok i dont think im gonna write to much.. i had a rly scary day nd wen i mean scary i mean scary.. good news is i found my class night dress.. its soo beautiful.. i <3 it.. but n e way while i was tryin on my dress.. a hornet or a bee (im not sure which it wuz) stung me.. i wuz fine for like 2 minutes then i got dizzy nd felt like i was gonna pass out.. so i had to sit down.. nd then i like feinted nd got ok again nd then i feinted again.. it wuz rly scary.. everyone wuz crowding around me.. nd then the ppl there called 911.. bcuz they thought my throat wuz gonna close up.. so there i wuz sittin in a chair wit this beautiful gown on redi to get in an ambulance.. well first a cop came nd he put a oxygen mask on me.. nd i felt better.. that rly helped me.. nd then like 7 paremedics came nd all 7 of them are like hovered over me nd givin me pills nd takin my blood pressure nd everything.. i wuz rly freaked out.. nd then i regained conciousness.. thank god.. i didnt end up going to the hopsital bcuz they said i wuz fine.. but my mom started crying bcuz she thought my throat wuz gonna close up.. it wuz a rly scary experience nd i hope it never happens to me again.. then after that i went home.. nd i slept.. im fine now though thank god.. ok well till next time..


Posted at 07:51 pm by dAncErm789
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Friday, October 31, 2003
HaPpY HaLloWeEn!!

heyy! happy halloween!! today wuzz such a great day!! haha!! well first lemme tell yuu bout skoolz!! first we had social studies nd me nd cyndi worked on our project! we have italy! woOhoO! haha soo that wuz a lot of fun!! nd then we went to language, now language is sooooooo boring cuz i dun sit across from tom no more.. grrrrrrr.. but n e way we corrected our english nd then we worked on anotha english page nd she gave us a worksheet 4 homework.. grrrrr.. haha but i finished most of it.. lol.. then we had spanish.. omg funny funny crap.. haha droppin the pens at 11:15.. mrs. triggs told mrs. green but mrs. green didnt even care! mrs. green walked in tha room after mrs. triggs told her wut happened.. nd mrs. green laughed.. im jus like haha we arent gettin in trouble.. especially for the stupidest reason.. droppin a pen.. lol.. but n e way i didnt learn n e thing in spanish.. as usual.. lol.. but then we had computers.. me, andy, nd robert worked on our computer project.. we finished.. i think we should get a good grade.. nd since i finished my typing excercise.. i had free time on the computer so i went on tha internet nd played a couple games.. lol.. i dun even remember wtf i did.. lol.. but n e way then we went to lunch.. we had pizza yummy.. haha.. yea nuthin rly funny thurr.. nd then we went 4 a walk.. nd then went to our afternoon classes.. first we had science.. mrs. campagna gave us candy.. yumm.. lol.. nd then we corrected our w.b. pages nd took our test.. i think i did ok on it not 2 great though.. but w.e we'll see.. nd then we went to language... all we did was read the giver.. i am in love with that book.. lol.. haha.. but yea then instead of havin math we went outside.. yay!! i had funn.. lol.. nd then we went inside.. nd i got on the bus nd guess wut i saw peter l.! wow he looks soooo much different omg lol.. but n e way then i got home.. then at 5 everyone came to my house 4 halloween.. letz see it wuz.. me, kiki, cyndi, kara, bobby, mike h, nd chris.. we had funn.. we went trick or treating first.. tha guys were complainin like a half an hour after we started so we jus went home.. lol.. wen we got herre.. we jus hung out.. went on the computer.. tha guys played sum video games.. nd all of us started dancin!! haha soo much fun.. i <3 all you guys bff.. then the pizza came nd we ate it.. romeos.. yummy.. i <3 romeos.. nd then at 8:30 kiki left.. idk y.. lol.. nd then at 9 chris nd mike left bcuz mike is takin the test at cba tomorrow.. good luck mike! lol.. nd chris wuz ridin w. him so thatz y he had 2 go.. yupp.. so then it wuz.. me, kara, cyndi, nd bobby.. nd we were down in the basement takin pics.. haha that wuz a lot of funn.. i rly wanna see the pics.. i gotta get them developed soon.. nd then cyndi's dad came nd bobby's dad came at 10.. so they went home.. nd then kara's mom came at like 10:15.. so that wuz my day.. i <3ed it.. i had soo much fun.. to all my bff's i love you guys soooo much!.. nd well im rly tired so im gonna go to bed.. lol.. till next time..


Posted at 11:00 am by dAncErm789
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Thursday, October 30, 2003
FuN dAy lOl

heyy today wuz such a fun day! hmm letz see first we had math.. thatz wuz fun.. tom finally admitted that stephanie's notebook wasnt possesed.. that he wuz jus puttin it between the desk.. haha.. we rly didnt do n e thing though all we did wuz decimals..  then after math we had art.. art wuz kool.. we made this grovy designs haha.. my colors were blue nd orange.. it came out so pretty haha.. nd then after my group 4 social justice went to the "assisted living" 2 deliver pumpkins.. haha.. it wuz great especially cuz i missed religion nd social studies! lol.. the car ride there wuz soo much i rode w. tom, mike h, chris, mike m, nd kara.. mrs. howley drove us there.. haha.. funny funny times.. then we got there nd we said hello to all the people nd we gave out treats nd decorated the place w. our pumpkins.. they were so so pretty.. lol.. i have a lot of inside jokes now! lol.. i like takin pictures w. boyz! haha.. moe ripped tom's sweatshirt! ahh! lol.. mike h hit me in my nose w. his foot! haha.. us drivin bak at 5 miles per hour! haha.. <3 all you guyz.. bff.. nd then wen we got bak we went straight to lunch.. haha someone's depressed nd needs a cookie!!! lmfao!!!! haha.. then we went 4 a walk.. nd then we went inside nd got packed up 4 our afternoon classes.. first we went to science.. we took notes nd read the section again.. we have a quiz tomorrow.. urghh.. lol.. but then we went to language.. nuthin new there.. we read the giver.. nd then we did this worksheet.. nd then i went to mrs. miri to talk to her bout h.s... shes soo nice.. i like her a lot better than miss o' connor.. nd wen i came bak i found out mrs. nelson changed seats!! i dun wit sit wit tom n e more!! i sit alone.. haha.. oo well.. but now im not gonna have fun n e more!! but n e way thatz wuz pretty much my day.. tha bus ride wuzz fun.. nd i rly cant wait 4 halloween tomorrow!! woohoo!! lol.. we r gonna have such a great tiime!! well i got a lot of homework to do.. so i g2g.. till next time...


Posted at 05:20 pm by dAncErm789
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Wednesday, October 29, 2003
aN oK dAy..

urghh today was such a bad day.. my scedule was all screwed up today but n e way instead of first period which wuz science we went in2 the library to have a talk w. the principal whooooo did we get yelled at.. lol.. as i am saying now.. STOP THE MADNESS! lol.. no more drama! ahh! lol.. but n e way we got out of there round 10:10.. nd we went bak to mrs. green's room nd we read some scriptures from the bible.. haha it was soo funny.. the hell w. you! to hell w. you! haha funny funny times.. lol.. nd then we went to language nd we took our giver test.. i think i did ok.. nd tom signed my homework planner.. tommyboy was herre lol thanxx tom.. nd then we went bak into mrs. green's room nd we did these leave things nd we had to write on them good things about other people.. i got mike sevret lol.. nd ammerman got me haha.. letz see im a good-listener, funny, special, nd tha rest i forget lol.. then lunch came.. well kiki was supposed to sit alone at lunch.. but i fessed up to mrs. green that she wasnt the only one who did that stuff.. we both ended up not gettin in trouble so im rly happy this whole thing is over.. but after lunch me nd marissa went to sr. cherree nd told her that we said somethin nd we didnt get in trouble, sr. cherree liked the fact we were honest.. so thatz good.. but then she told me to go get kelly.. so i rly dont kno y she wanted kelly bcuz kelly had nothin to do w. n e of this.. but idk.. nd then i went bak to mrs. green's room nd we had to do this worksheet about conformity dont ask lol.. nd then we stayed in mrs. green's room for another period nd we listened to some religious tape or sumthin idk wut is wuz i wuz jus thinkin to myself how much i hate someone! lol andrea bff.. but yea then last period we went to science we read section 3 nd did vocab nd tha questions.. nd mrs. campagna changed seats nd she let me get a drink of water bcuz im special.. lol.. lemme point out that she NEVER lets anyone get a drink of water.. lol.. nd then wen science was over we got packed up to go home nd i had to go organize books in the library.. nd then i went to my post, got on tha bus, nd talked to kiki's gangsta frend jonathan! haha.. funny stuff.. lol.. nd then i got off the bus nd had dinner.. baked ziti.. yum yum.. lol.. nd now im jus writin in herre nd talkin to andrea.. so ima go.. till next time..


Posted at 05:07 pm by dAncErm789
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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

heyy today wuz ok.. not the best day ever if you know wut i mean.. lol.. letz see 1st we had science.. we outlined tha chapter nd took sum notes.. nothin new there.. nd then we had language.. i had 2 talk w. sr cherree (long story) buh i didnt get in trouble.. nd then i went bak to language nd we read the giver.. thatz a great book.. itz rly interesting.. buh n e way.. we rly didnt do much in language nd then tha 2nd period of language we had our weekly talk w. father williams! ahHh! i wuz rly bored lol i wuz about to fall asleep! lol.. buh yea then we went to math.. omg that wuz the best period by far! haha the possesed notebook! lol tom.. she rly doesnt get it yet lol.. letz see how long it takes her to figure it out.. haha.. i <3 my seat in math itz soo great.. lol.. nd after math we went to lunch.. grilled cheese yummy.. lol.. well lunch wuz fun.. i rly want my old table bak though.. i hate assigned seats.. urghh.. no offense to the people that sit at my table itz jus i want 2 b wit kiki nd cyndi again! the three of us are split up nd itz urghh annoying! lol.. buh then after lunch we took a walk.. nd stephanie told everyone about her possesed notebook.. omg lol.. funny funny stuff right there.. nd then we went inside got packed up for our afternoon classes.. 1st we had music.. omg that wuz such a great period.. i love music class! haha me nd cyndi singin the lion king song nd beating the drums! omg lol! funny times! whoo! haha singin in african! soo much fun! lol! kiki writin that note.. omg! lol! soo soo funny! nd then after music we had religion nd social studies wit mrs. green.. she always combines tha two subjects.. soo we always have fun.. first mrs. green changed our seats.. well now me, kiki, nd cyndi are close together! oo no mrs. green does not know what she has done! haha.. buh i sit next to brenden now.. so im good.. lol.. nd then after she changed all of our seats.. we wrote down newsmakers.. nd while we were writin thurr was a firedrill so that scared tha crap out of me.. lol.. nd then we went bak inside, finished copying newsmakers.. nd then we handed out white envelopes nd tests.. i have an A average in evrything cept language.. grr.. lol buh i can bring it up.. nd yea then me, cyndi, nd kara went nd did cones outside.. ahh i hate doin cones! nd that wuz tha first time i did them! lol.. never again.. haha.. nd then me nd kara went to tha nurse nd locked up cuz i didnt feel like runnin all the way up the stairs to get my post that wuz comin downstairs n e way.. lol.. nd then we went 2 our buses.. nd moe wuz screamin my name cuz she said i lost my calculator.. thank god for u moe.. lol bff.. nd yea bus ride wuz fun.. we were all attacking bobby wit rubberbands.. tomorrow he is gonna have all red marks on him.. haha funny funny.. yupp then me nd kara saw sean o' malley outside of peter's house waitin 4 his mom to pick him up.. we didnt see peter though cuz he wuz at hockey.. darn lol i havent seen him in the longest time.. lol.. buh yea got home.. had dinner nd now im herre writin this.. buh i still gotta do my math homework.. urghhh.. i rly dun feel like doin 48 damn problems! lol.. buh w/e ill get through it.. lol.. oo yea nd i found out that cyndi is definetley going to st. rose.. oo well.. im jus gonna go to rbc.. im rly gonna miss her though.. urghh life never goes my way.. lol.. yea tatz wuz my day though.. till next time..



Posted at 04:51 pm by dAncErm789
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Monday, October 27, 2003
tOday is the day.. lOl kara

heyy today wuz a great day!! first we had gym.. quarter bak resuce! wahoo.. lol.. i cant catch lol haha.. andy me nd u were soo hyper! haha bff.. nd then we had math.. haha tom u nd puttin stephs notebook between the desks omg lol she didnt even kno it wuz yuu.. hah.. a halloween dance! haha some people r so gullible.. lol... urghh but next lesson in math is word problems! ahh! i hate word problems! buh n e way, then we had language we read more of the giver i rly love that book nd then we had to draw pics (i'll get to that lata) lol.. letz see nd then we had religion we rly didnt do much sr. cherree came in nd we had to write down the problems we have been havin.. lol.. wow wut fun.. nd then we listened to some mafia guy who bcame a priest.. lol.. we hafta finish that tomorrow.. nd social justice had 2 paint pumpkins so instead of eatin in tha cafteria we ate nd our classroom nd then painted our pumpkins.. mine wuz a ghost lol.. buh i missed sumthin! :'( .. lol kiki.. yea i think a lot of ppl know wut im talkin bout.. lol.. wow i <3 him hahaa n e wayz.. after we finished our pumpkins we got packed up 4 our classes nd we had science we did our erosion project.. ours wuz a success! lol haha.. buh that wuz bout it 4 science nd then we went 2 language nd mrs. nelson had a meeting buh she didnt end up going till like 2:30 so we played that game.. (remember wen i said i drew tha pic) yea well we had to tell the other person to draw our picture only by speakin.. it wuz rly funny tom did a good job.. buh it wuz rly funny cuz he drew a parachute guy nd mine looked very very wrong lol.. haha.. tom u give very bad instructions! lol.. nd then we were supposed 2 have social studies buh we ended up stayin in mrs. nelson's room.. so i finished all mi h.w. nd mike nd ammerman got in a fight.. it wuz funny jus seein them dissin eachotha lol.. then we went 2 our saftey posts nd kristen wouldnt stop singin! haha.. oo yes nd kristen i do not like sebastian lol.. nd yea bus ride wuz fun.. oo yea nd kara today is the day.. lol.. n e way.. till next time..


Posted at 04:37 pm by dAncErm789
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